Co-Curricular Portfolio

The "CCP" is unique program designed to advance student success at West Chester University. The Co-Curricular Portfolio provides a framework in which students can document their out-of-classroom activities to compliment their academic experience and career goals. The Portfolio also gives students an opportunity to reflect on their co-curricular accomplishments and personal growth and development. Finally, the Co-Curricular Portfolio is designed to complement a student’s transcript and resume when applying for professional positions and entrance into graduate school.

Few schools offer this standout document listing all of your achievements, both socially and academically. Future employers say the Co-Curricular Portfolio could be the deciding factor that takes you above the pack in terms of getting hired for a job! It’s never too late to start one.

Important Information to Know:

  • Once the “Initial Entry Form” is submitted, it takes approximately two weeks to receive your first draft. Please plan accordingly.
  • All forms are submitted through the OrgSync Portal.
  • You must meet with the Graduate Assistant for Leadership to review this draft before a finalized version can be signed by the Vice-President for Student Affairs or another member of the Student Leadership & Involvement team.
  • Each activity must be verified with documentation. Providing this documentation is the responsibility of the student.
  • Activity is not limited to your experience just on campus at WCU.  All relevant experiences as an undergraduate student are applicable (as a transfer student prior to WCU, or off-campus community involvement, etc.)

Completed Co-Curricular Portfolio

View an example Co-Curricular Portfolio at:

    Thanks to 2011 WCU Graduate, Carly Myers for the use of her CCP!

Forms to Complete:

The CCP is constructed using the following forms, broken down by pre-determined categories of co-curricular involvement.  Take a look at the completed CCP linked above to get an idea about how to submit your forms.

Step One: Complete the Initial Entry Form

Step Two: Complete any additional forms for each category if needed.

Paraprofessional Work Experience Entry Form                                 Honors, Awards, & Recognition Entry Form

Participation in Student Organization or Activity Entry Form           Leadership Activity Entry Form

Professional/Educational Development Entry Form                           Service Learning/Volunteer Experience Form

Step Three: Complete the Personal Reflection Entry Form

Documentation Instructions:

*Each entry needs to be verified.  The Graduate Assistant for Leadership can tell you what kind of documentation would work for a particular case, but examples are also provided below. There are two ways to submit verification, either by uploading documentation directly to the form OR by having your supervisor complete the "Supervisor Verification Form."

If for some reason, the information you submit does not meet the standards, you will be notified to submit additional information.  These standards are determined by Student Leadership & Involvement personnel.

  1. Uploading Documentation: In order to upload documents, you can use the following strategies:
    • Use a scanner to provide a scanned copy.  You can do this in the Library on campus! (Instructions here)
    • Take a picture of a letter or email
    • Use the "print screen" function to copy/paste an email into a word document. (Instructions here)
  2. Supervisor Verification Form: You will be providing the name and contact information for the person who can verify your involvement, however, this person needs to complete the "Supervisor Verification Form" if you are choosing to provide documentation this way. Note that the entry will not be added to your overall CCP until this is received.

*Remember, you do not need to have BOTH of these types of documentation... just ONE.





The Leadership Consultants can be contacted via email at:

Dwayne Robinson, Brian Schwabenland & Samantha Stalford