Leadership Opportunities

The Office of Student Leadership and Involvement coordinates programs in conjunction with the Student Leadership Project Team. The mission of this team is to design and implement a comprehensive leadership development model for students involving curricular and co-curricular learning based on the themes of education, development, and training. Whether you are a new or seasoned leader, participants will learn to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

The Certificate Program for Leadership and Civic Engagement is an initiative created by the Honors College. The certificate program is open to all students and is another opportunity for academically motivated students to engage in the study of leadership issues related to civic need and social action. Through curricular and co-curricular activities, students will sharpen their skill and practice in communication, leadership development, global awareness, recognition of diversity, and community service. Upon completion of the certificate requirements, students will receive certificate recognition on their official University transcript.
Professor: Dr. Kevin W. Dean, Department of Communication Studies
This course is designed for students in leadership positions within campus and/or community organizations. In weekly sessions, we will address topics such as: visioning, goal setting, team building, development of emergent leaders, time management, celebration, and mentoring. Because this is an interdisciplinary course, students will be given short weekly readings drawn from multiple disciplines who address such topics as those previously mentioned. These perspectives come from, but are not limited to, communication studies, political science, psychology, business management, and philosophy/theology. Students enrolling in the course should be a member of an executive board or hold significant leadership position in a campus or community organization as field participation and observations are key components to the course.
Leadership Consultant Liaisons provide assistance to other departments, organizations, staff, programs, or events at West Chester University. The Leadership Consultant Liaisons are trained out of the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement. The Liaison partnerships include, but are not limited to: Admissions/Leadership Education of staff, Media Advisory Board, New Student Programs, Religious Life Council, S.I.G.M.A., Sports Club Council/Recreation and Leisure Program, Union Advisory Board, World AIDS Day, Greek Life, and Wellness Fair. Leadership Consultants are ready and available to help any student’s in terms of leadership, involvement, management skills, etc... Stop by Sykes 218 today to talk with this year’s Leadership Consultants!

Download the Leadership Consultant application: Resources
Meet the crew: Leadership Consultants
The Taking the Challenge Series is based off of the best-selling book by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, entitled The Leadership Challenge. Students are nominated by faculty & staff to participate and are invited to submit an application. Each year, twenty-five students are selected, representing a broad sample of the student population. Besides receiving a free copy of the book, participants are assessed using the Leadership Practices Inventory to showcase their personal strengths and challenges. Monthly programs feature corporate, educational, and non-profit leaders from the Philadelphia metro area who share their personal experiences regarding a specific chapter topic.
S.A.I.L. stands for Students Actively Involved in Leadership. It’s en exciting leadership development program open exclusively to West Chester University students and is sponsored by State Farm. SAIL is based on West Chester University's belief that the University, community, and society need leaders with knowledge, skills, and integrity... And soon these leaders could be you! The development of these qualities and skills are an imperative part of the University's mission to provide a memorable and successful college experience. Once a student completes the SAIL program, they have to prestigious title of a Certified Student Leader.

What are the goals of S.A.I.L?

1. To build a foundation for leadership on the West Chester University campus.

2. To promote interaction, idea-sharing, and communication among student leaders.

3. To encourage involvement in co-curricular activities that enhances leadership development and the academic experience at West Chester.

4. To create opportunities for individuals to gain confidence in their own abilities and develop the skills, ethics, and vision necessary to help organizations and the community to grow and achieve their respective goals.

Students who complete SAIL are recognized as a Certified Student Leader, but the program does not end there. CSLs may undergo continual training to present programs on leadership topics to other groups on campus.

See the SAIL calendar: Resources
Download SAIL documents: Resources
Visit the SAIL website: SAIL Website

The Executive Leadership Series is open to all executive officers of student organizations. E.L.S. consists of 5 biweekly meetings discussing topics such as leadership style, delegation, managing conflict, etc... This program gives you, as executive officers, the rare opportunity to discuss important issues or concerns you may have about your organization with other leaders on campus who are dealing with the same leadership issues as you. Sessions are comprised of both self-reflection and peer-to-peer interaction/guidance. It is a great way to connect more with your organization, as well as expand your group of friends by meeting people from all different clubs and organizations on campus. Those who complete the E.L.S. are awarded at the Fall Certificate Ceremony!
The Annual Spring Leadership Experience is sponsored by State Farm. This leadership experience is a fun, jam-packed evening of breakout sessions and inspiring keynote speakers to provide students with exciting leadership development information. This experience is geared towards new and seasoned leaders. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to further yourself as a leader both on and off campus.
The Women's Leading Up Leadership Series is a amazing opportunity to connect with fellow women leaders and be exposed to some of the finest women leaders within the Philadelphia metro area. This program is designed to aid in the growth of women leaders.   Three programs are held each semester to discuss problems and issues that women leaders have to deal with everyday. Most events have one to three incredible speakers. The speakers share their personal experiences with the group followed by a small group discussion. This program helps to shape attitudes and ideas about women leaders!

Download Women's Leading Up documents: Resources
The Fish Philosophy Workshop could not be more fun! This exciting workshop provides an important message, language, and action plan that generates the necessary skills and ideas to develop a team environment full of inspiration, creativity, innovation and service. The Fish Philosophy promotes team building by putting into action four simple practices - Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude! Fish is an invitation that enables students to care about each other and their commitments. It is an ongoing journey that spawns all communities around the world (just not at WCU). The Fish Philosophy creates a positive environment and vibrant culture each time it is embraced. Fish gives you the tools to turn any situation into a positive one!  This is held only once a year so don't miss it!
The Multicultural/Diversity Student Leadership Conference brings together leaders from across campus to share ideas, learn from one another, and participate in an incredible learning opportunity. In previous years, this event has looked like a regular conference with a keynote, meals, and various break out sessions. This past year, we had one guest facilitator who worked with the group throughout rather than have break out sessions.  The event counts towards SAIL and can be added to the Co-Curricular portfolio.

Formerly the State Farm First Year Retreat, this event historically took place at Camp 
Saginaw, a local camp found in lower Chester County. This past year, it was called Ram Pride and was held here on campus. Exposure to outstanding nationally known leadership speakers, peer groups, and opportunities to “get to know” and appreciate being a part of the West Chester University “family” are all featured prominently in this experience.  Information about this event can be found by going to the website www.wcupa.edu/soar
Held at the same time as the New Student Retreat, the Executive Leaders Retreat allows current executive board members of various clubs and organizations to participate in a leadership experience in a retreat-like setting focusing on leadership, involvement and self-development. Heading into its sixth year, this event continues to attract some of the most powerful student leaders on campus looking for opportunities for personal growth and networking.
As a continuation of leadership learning from those who have completed the Leadership Challenge, the Executive Leadership Series, or have achieved Certified Student Leader status, the Global Leadership Series was created. This five-part series explores an individual’s desire to understand the impact leadership has on our global community. Programs on topics such as Global Diversity, Social Justice, Environment and sustainability, Global Ethics and Global Resources will be the cornerstones of these programs.
Rhino Living is a leadership program offered to students at WCU. Its creator Dave Magrogan "attributes much of his success to living a Rhino's life - jumping in full steam ahead and in a short period of time, accomplishing his set goals. Because of his success and his ability to motivate others, Dave enjoys training thousands of others in how to put into action his Rhino Living philosophy—including his 600 staff members. Do nothing small and make an audacious impact!" This excerpt was retrieved from Dave Magrogan's website rhinoliving.com. This leadership program is fun, exciting, and something you definitely don’t want to miss out on!
There are some people who only hope for the best, while others plan for greatness.  Molly Nece will help us tap intro our strength, focus our energy, and let our best self shine.  Be inspired to live your best legacy, DREAM BIG, and SHINE BRIGHT though her 5 P Philosophy! You will identify your core Principles, discover your Passions, gain and sustain Persistence to live your dreams, build and strengthen relationships with People, and discover a sense of Peace
Being a campus leader is a tough job, but someone's got to do it!  gain the strategies to live in the moment, get in the zone, set goals, aim high, and apply what you learn to the "real world."  In this 60 minute interactive seminar, you will learn how to become a Purpose Drive Leader, develop your definite chief aim, and help those around you lead and succeed.           

The 30 Days series, created by award-winning filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, features a diverse group of participants, each given the opportunity to experience first-hand a world antithetical to their own comfortable existence. Each installment examines a different subject, explores topical issues and conducts fascinating social experiments. As each 30 Days participant learns about the lives and beliefs of others, viewers learn more about themselves.