New Organizations

A student organization is defined as a group of currently enrolled West Chester University students who unite to promote a common interest. These organizations are student-initiated and student-run. All student organizations are governed by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement. 

To review the process for creating a new club, see here: New Student Organizations Process

WHO can start an organization?

Anyone can start an organization! One individual or multiple students with a common interest can work to start a new club.

For questions about new student organizations contact Jennie Yost at or 610-436-2117. The first step in starting a new student organization is to set up a meeting with Jennie to review the process. Please call the Student Affairs front desk at 610-436-2117 to schedule an appointment with Jennie.

All recognized organizations must be unique in their mission. Students are encouraged to search under the Organizations tab on OrgSync for any existing clubs that may already fulfill similar missions and to reach out to their executive boards or advisors to answer questions about how they might look different. 

WHAT else?

For clubs that previously existed, all files are retained. Schedule a meeting with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) to obtain copies of old bylaws and advisor information so the process is less daunting.

Once recognized, clubs are on probation for a year without funding so SGA and SLI can see how their efforts unfold. After the probationary year, all organizations are eligible to request funding from SGA, even if they did not originally think they would need it.

Graduate students can start their own organizations, but graduate and undergraduate students cannot participate in the same organizations at this time based on student activity fees. Student activity fees are paid solely by undergraduates, so only undergraduates can benefit from the resources obtained through those funds.

SGA Rules and Regulations

In order to be a recoginized organization by SGA, all new and current organizations must follow all procedures outlined in the following documents:

  • This manual is intended to serve as a collection of all rules and regulations concerning student organizations at West Chester University. You can get your questions answered by looking through the Standard Operating Procedures document. 
  • The SGA blank by-laws must be used by all organizations seeking to format or reformat their by-laws. (Revised Spring 2013)

WHAT'S OrgSync?

OrgSync is like Facebook for organizations! Another way students can determine if their organization of interest exists is to search it on the OrySync homepage. All recognized groups have a page. Students seeking to start new organizations will be given direction to create OrgSync portals for their groups in-progress. The electronic portal will assist students in staying in contact with SLI staff, the SGA Parliamentarian and Leadership Consultants through the process. *Everything you need to know about managing your OrgSync account can be found under the resources page. You can click the graphic below to be directed to the resources page.

SPORTS Related Clubs

Sports Clubs also require approval from the Sports Club Council. A requests to form a sports clubs cannot be honored if varsity sports exist on campus. Interest in organizations for special interest or instructional purposes can still go through the process as a non-sports related club.

Questions can be directed to Nick Moon (Graduate Assistant of Sport Clubs and Intramurals), or  610-436-2065.