The following instructions are helpful for your organization as you navigate through OrgSync.

How to Create a Form

How to Create a Mass Text

How to Create a Poll or Survey

How to Create an Event

How to Create a File

The Leadership Newsletter is circulated monthly to student leaders. It includes information about programming, student groups, and activities going on around campus. The newsletter is coordinated by the Graduate Assistant for Leadership.

If you would like to request a copy, or are interested in being featured in The Leadership Newsletter, please contact Jackie Aliotta (Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement):


The following manuals are helpful for specific officers to review as a resource for best practices in how to do his/her job, and strategies for success specific to WCU.







Level_I_Icebreakers - In order to assist group members with getting to know one another or getting reacquainted with one another, Level I icebreakers may be a primary tool in facilitating such a process.

Level_II_Icebreakers - When you select a Level II Icebreaker, it is clear that your group members know one another; however, they have not had a great deal of experience working together as a unit and/or team.

Level_III_Icebreakers - When a group leader/facilitator chooses the Level III Icebreakers, he or she should understand that the group/organization is acquainted and has worked together as a group before. Ideally, these activities will assist a group/organization in becoming a more trusting group.

T.J. Sullivan - The Hungry Student Leader Blog (
Simon Sinek - Start With Why (
Student Leader Magazine - (

Feel free to review the list of frequently asked questions. For face-to-face personal instruction on any of these topics, arrange to speak with a Leadership Consultant or visit the Leadership Resource Center in 218 Sykes.

Starting an Organization - Please see the STEPS for establishing a new organization.

Steps for New Organization Recognition

The first step is to meet with Jackie Aliotta, the Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Involvement, in the Student Affairs Office, Sykes Student Union 238. You set up an appointment with Jackie by contacting the Student Affairs front desk via telephone 610-436-2117.
At this meeting, you will go over all steps of the SGA recognition process and be directed to several forms that can be found online here -
Campus Facilities: Usage and Reservation Policy

Advertising Procedures
Advertising Policy
Advertising Approval Guide

 Contracts Policy
Contracts Policy

Vendor Policy
Outside Vendors

Statement on Sexism
Statement on Sexism
Establishing and Registering Student Organizations: Procedures
To ensure an accurate listing of all student organizations and advisers, the University requires all student organizations to register formally with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement in 238 Sykes Union. To be an official student organization at West Chester University a group must:
  1. be officially approved by SGA through the formal student government approval process;

  2. agree to abide by the University policies and regulations as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct;

  3. have an official adviser who is currently a faculty, administrator, or staff member at the University; and

  4. register with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement, 238 Sykes Union. In addition, a copy of the organization's current by-laws must also be attached to the WCU Student Organization Registration Form as well as an updated membership roster. Every year, that is, on an annual basis, all organizations are required to register with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement by May 1. Any changes in officer and/or adviser information that occurs during the academic year must be changed on the official WCU Student Organization Registration Form, which is kept on file in the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement.

Please note that student organizations that do not register with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement will lose their status as a recognized group on campus. Loss of recognition precludes any group from financial assistance, use of University facilities and services, and using the name of West Chester University to represent the organization.

Space Reservations
The Sykes Student Union Office, in 116 Sykes, is the starting point for all student organizations that plan to use University facilities for any of their group's activities, meetings, programs, or special events.

To see an outline of the procedures for space reservations, click here.
SSI Van Usage
Advertising Policy
For information regarding the Advertising Policy, click here.

Advertising Approval Guide
For information regarding where you can post advertisements and who to contact, click here.
Contracts Policy
In order to ensure that agreements for services are legal and appropriate, there are policies for all officially recognized West Chester University student organizations regarding contracts.

For information regarding Contracts Policies, click here.
Outside Vendors
For information regarding outside vendors selling items on University property, click here.
Statement on Sexism
For information regarding the campus Statement on Sexism, click here.