LEAD organizes leadership programs, helps new organizations form, empowers current organizations to succeed, and maintains this website. Leadership Consultants who work for the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement are available to help student organizations with questions they might have. At least one Leadership Consultant is assigned to each student organization at West Chester University. LEAD has a Leadership Resource Center office in Sykes 218 which includes brochures, flyers, information packets, books, media, and other materials available to new or seasoned student groups. All of these resources are completely FREE! The Leadership Consultants are also ready and available to facilitate different sessions for your organization, whether it be team building, stress management, etc... Stop by the Leadership Resource Center today and help take your organization grow and succeed!

Angelique A Geronimo  
About Angelique
Hello friends! My name is Angelique Geronimo. I am a junior nursing major. I am currently the treasurer of Under A Rest A Capella and the ROTARACT club. I also have a radio show on WCUR Saturday mornings and apart of HSA.

This year I am a leadership consultant for Musical organizations and will be helping with new student organizations, planning and promoting the outdoor adventure program, Global Leadership Series, Leadership Spotlight program, Multicultural Conference and the spring involvement fair!

My favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends while listening to records and eating copious amounts of pizza.

My office hours are in Sykes 217
Tuesday: 3-4 (subject to change on tuesdays)
Friday: 11-1pm
*also available by appointment via email

Elyse A Kistler  
About Elyse
Gabriella M Terry  
About Gabriella

My name is Gabby Terry and I am the Leadership Consultant for the Greek Letter Organizations for the 2016-2017 year! Some of the projects I will be working with this year are Women Leading Up, the Emerging Leaders Program, Leadership Challenge Series, and the Olympus Series. If you ever need to reach me I have office hours in the Center of Student Involvement Office #217 on Tuesday 12:00-2:00, Thursday 12:00-2:00, and Friday from 12:00-3:00. If none of those times work for you, you can always reach me at and we can set up another meeting time from there!

Joshua E Dandridge  
About Joshua
Hello! My name is Joshua Dandridge and I have the pleasure of being a Leadership Consultant (LC) this year. I am a fourth year Accounting Major with a Minor in White Collar Crime. I am also currently the President of the Friars' Society as well as a member of the Drum Line in the Marching Band. In my LC role, I am working specifically with the Political and Activism Groups as well as the 1st Third of Academic Organizations (English through Accounting). This year I will be working on the committees for the 9th Annual Multicultural Student Leadership Conference, the 30th Annual Leadership Experience, as well as many other programs throughout the fall and spring semesters. With that said, My office is located at Sykes in the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) in Room 217.

My Office hours are as follows:

9am to 10:00am
7pm to 8:00pm

12:00pm to 2:00pm

9:00am to 10:00am

11:00am to 12:00pm

9:00am to 10:00am

Please reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns!

I look forward to working with you all!

Laura E Kuntzmann  
About Laura
Hey there!

My name is Laura Kuntzmann and I'm a senior English Literature and Secondary Special Education dual major! I'm currently the President of the Council for Exceptional Children, the Treasurer of WCU's National Council of Teachers of English student affiliate, and a Leadership Consultant in the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement.

Some of my favorite pastimes are food shopping, catching up on Grey's Anatomy and reading a good book! If i"m not in the office or at class, I'm probably doing one of these things.

My roles as a Leadership Consultant are to work with the Social Equity and Diversity organizations on campus, as well as to plan and execute leadership events like the Executive Leadership Series, the Emerging Leaders Program, the Leadership Spotlight Program and the Feast of the Golden Ram. I'm also looking forward to overseeing the Leadership Resource Center along side my fellow LC, Laura Sposato!

You can find me in the LC office in Sykes 217 on...
- Tuesdays 8:00am - 10:45am
- Wednesdays 4:30pm - 7:00pm
- Thursdays 8:00am - 10:45am
My door is always open! If you want to come visit but can't make my hours, feel free to email me for an appointment at!

Laura Sposato  
About Laura
Hi everyone! My name is Laura Sposato and I am a senior Sociology major with a minors in Deaf Studies & Psychology. I'm currently the Historian for Delta Phi Epsilon, the Nominee Marshal for the Abbe Society, and a Leadership Consultant in the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement.

My roles as a Leadership Consultant are to work with the Honor Societies as well as Orgsync. In addition, I plan and execute some leadership events with my team, such as the 30th Annual Student Leadership Experience, the 20th Annual Student Leadership Awards, and the Olympus Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Series. Some other projects I work on are the Co-Curricular Portfolio, Ram Pride Rock Star, RAMdom Excellence, and the Advisor Appreciation Activities!

Our office is located in Sykes within the NEW Center for Student Involvement (CSI), room 217!
You can find me there Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, or by appointment by e-mailing me at

Madelyn R Shaak  
About Madelyn
Mohammad A Farooq  
About Mohammad

My name is Mohammad Farooq and I am part of the Leadership Consultant team for the 2016-2017 school year! I am a senior Biology major with a political science minor at West Chester University. I am a Leadership Consultant for the Special Interest Organizations.

These are currently the projects I'm working on this year: Executive Leadership Series, The Leadership Challenge, Global Leadership Series, The Monthly News Letter, The 30th Annual Leadership Experience, and the Anti Hazing Prevention team member.

My office is located in the CSI room in Sykes, and I'm in Sykes 217. My office hours are Monday and Friday, 11-2.

I am also the New Member Educator, Greek Cup and Service Chair for my fraternity, Delta Chi. I'm an active member for the service organization, The Friars’ Society, and serve on the service committee. In my spare time, you can find me doing community service, working out at the gym, and petting every dog that I crosses paths with. I look forward to working with everyone this year!

Olivia J Campbell  
About Olivia
Hey, friends! My name is Olivia Campbell (you can call me Liv). I am a Women’s and Gender Studies major with minors in Youth Empowerment and Urban Studies and Communication Studies. I don't always love to study but I do love to learn and some things I love in excess are: coffee, lengthy metaphors, and sunny summer days.

I am currently the President of the Abbé Society and 12+ WCU, as well as a Leadership Consultant. As an LC, I work closely with service and religious organizations. Some other things I am working on are The Leadership Minor, Women Leading Up, Outdoor Adventure Programming, LEAD 400, and Honor and Integrity Programming. I also serve as the Office of Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs Liaison.

Catch me during office hours in Sykes 217*:
​Monday: 3:30-5:30
Tuesday: 2-5
Wednesday: 10-12
Friday: 2-5
Weekend hours by appointment
*I’m also available by appointment at

Reginald B Smith  
About Reginald
Hi everyone!

My name is Reginald Smith and I am a senior this academic year. My major is Religious Studies with Minors in Philosophy, Information Technology, and Contemplative Studies.

I am a returning Leadership Consultant for the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement. I am proud to work with the student governing councils and the third tier of academic groups again this year!

My favorite food is pizza, especially BBQ chicken pizza, and anything spicy! If it doesn't make you cry as you're eating it, was it really spicy?

I'm originally from Washington, D.C. I have an older brother and a younger sister, who are both mentally challenged.

You can find me usually walking to 7-11 to get the latest soft drinks or sitting down playing a video game after a long day of productivity.

To list just a few things I am involved in:
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity
Student Government Association
Sykes Union Advisory Board

I love to help in any way I can, so feel free to shoot me an email:

My office is located on the 2nd floor of Sykes within the CSI suite room 217. My office hours this Fall semesters are:
Monday: 1pm to 3pm
Tuesday: 1pm to 3pm
Wednesday: 1pm to 3pm
Thursday: 1pm to 3pm

Have a great day!

Samantha R Stalford  
About Samantha
Hi friends! My name is Samantha but feel free to shorten it to Sami. I am a senior Public Health/Health Promotion major with a minor in Biology.

I am currently the Vice President of WCU's field hockey club, the Parliamentarian of the Abbé Society, and a Leadership Consultant working out of the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement.

As a Leadership Consultant, I will be working with the Sports Clubs on campus. I look forward to planning and promoting, alongside my fellow LCs, the Global Leadership Series, the Sports Club Leadership Series, CLAS, and the Co-Curricular Portfolios.

Come visit me during my office hours in Sykes 217!
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 12-1pm
Tuesday: 1-4pm
Thursday: 5-7pm
*Available by appointment via email as well!

P.S. I am a huge fan of anything chocolate, 80's movies, and optimism.

Ashley K Cifarelli  
About Ashley
Hi friends! I am a junior Public Health/Health Promotion major.

I am an Involvement Coordinator with the Student Leadership Office, but I also work two other positions at Sykes Student Union as a Union Associate and at the Student Health Center as a Wellness Ambassador! I am also a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau.

My hobbies are anything with exercise and music incorporated into the activity!
My favorite food is bananas and anything with carbs or sugar like pizza and chocolate!​
Fun fact: I've been to Colorado 12 times for snowboarding, Utah, California, and Whistler, Canada.

Karli S Hisler  
About Karli
Hi everyone I'm Karli and I am an Involvement Coordinator for the Center for Leadership and Involvement! We work with the Leadership Consultants to do any Marketing for the events that they may have. I hold office hours on Tuesdays from 11-12 in the Center for Leadership and Involvement.

I am a Junior with a Marketing Major and a Communication Studies Minor, hoping to persue Event Planning or Advertising. On campus I hold an executive council position as Co-Director of New Member Education for Alpha Phi!

I love to go on adventures or just stay in with my friends and order endless amounts of sushi...bc who doesn't love sushi? Some fun facts include that I have a twin sister, and I recently just moved to Florida!

Mackenzie B Grogan  
About Mackenzie
Hello!! My name is Mackenzie Grogan! I am a sophomore with an Undeclared major but plan to pursue Communicative Sciences and Disorders with 2 minors in Linguistics and Deaf Studies.

I am involved in the Club Field Hockey team, a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, Best Buddies, Ambassador, taking on 18 credits, and involved in being an Involvement Coordinator located in Sykes Union.

As an IC, I take on many different roles with making different types of posters and flyers, being involved in leadership activities, and tabling at different events.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask anytime!

Natalie J Brodine  
About Natalie
I am a Sophomore at West Chester University studying business marketing. I am involved in the Public Relations Student Society of America, the Delta Zeta Sorority and am interning at the Leadership Center at the University. I am a leader in each of these activities and take on many different, diverse roles. I manage my time with all of these programs will still working on 15 credits each seamster.

Tyler A Zellner  
About Tyler
Hi, There!

My name is Tyler Zellner, I'm a sophomore dual majoring in Finance and Economics. I'm an Involvement Coordinator for the Office of Studnet Leadership and Involvement. I have office hours of 1-2 pm on Tuesdays in the Center for Student Involvement. Come talk to me about getting involved on campus, or really anything that comes to your mind!

I'm the treasurer of the Purple and Gold club, and a member of the Economics and Finance Society. Fun fact, I've been to thirteen countries and I hope to travel to all of them before I die. While I don't have a favorite food, anything Wawa makes I will more than likely eat.

Charles Warner - Director of Student Leadership & Involvement 
About Charles
I have worked for the students of West Chester University for the past 25 years, the last few years as the Director of Student Leadership & Involvement. I am a proud Lynchburg College Hornet where I received both my bachelor and master degrees, but also feel like I am a WCU Ram in spirit after being here so long. Lynchburg provided great involvement opportunities for me and set me on the course towards higher education. I started my career as the Greek Affairs Coordinator for Longwood College (now University) in Virginia and then moved up here to WCU. I have had the privilege to serve both the Association of Fraternity Advisors as National President in 2000 and my fraternity affiliation, Beta Theta Pi, in a variety of roles culminating in serving as the General Secretary from 2006-2009. The student body at WCU is amazing and I encourage you to take advantage of Your Leadership University.

Jacqueline L Aliotta - Assistant Director of Leadership and Involvement 
About Jacqueline
I'm the Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement at West Chester University! If you have any questions about current student organizations, forming new student organizations, or leadership programs- I'm here to help!

Sarah E Tansits  
About Sarah
Hello all! My name is Sarah and I'm a member of the 2009 graduating class of West Chester University and during my time at the university I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the college experience. I am now obtaining my MS in Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs.
Currently, I am the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement. Through this position I get to put on programs such as the Women Leading Up Series, Emerging Leaders Program, the SLI Newsletter, and work with students on their co-curricular portfolio. I work out of the Student Affairs Office which is 238 Sykes daily. I am also the 2017-2018 President of the Graduate Student Association and the 2017-2018 co-conference chair for Chi Sigma Iota Honors Society. When I am not working on school related items, I serve as the as a board member for The Katie Foundation, which I also co-founded in the summer of 2016. The Katie Foundation is a non-profit organization in honor of my close friend who lost her life to suicide in August 2016 after struggling with bipolar disorder for twelve years. The organization is focused on bringing attention to the effects of mental illness and expands opportunities for research and awareness of mental health. I am also involved with Phi Mu Fraternity on a local and national level. Good Luck this semester and GO RAMS!

Bryan Pointer  
About Bryan
Caroline G Bush - Student Leadership & Involvement Graduate Practicum Student 
About Caroline
My name is Caroline Bush and I am the Graduate Practicum Student for the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement for the Fall 2016 semester. I received my B.A in Sociology and Psychology from Bloomsburg University in May 2015. I am now working towards my M.S in Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs at WCU. I am a member of Chi Sigma Iota and Chi Sigma Alpha. These are two honor societies at WCU for Counseling students and Student Affairs students. When I am not in the SLI office, you can find me next door in McKelvie Hall as the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Graduate Studies. I look forward to working with West Chester students during my first semester of field experience!

Brooke A Ezzo  
About Brooke
Hey folks! I'm currently a junior working for Intramurals and Sports Clubs, and I'll be helping out with Orgsync this year. Please don't delete me from your club; I'm here to help! :)